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3 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Over time, individuals begin to accumulate excessive amounts of personal belongings. Whether it be sentimental keepsakes, clothes, toys, or everyday objects, these items may gradually begin to take over one’s home. Many homeowners are faced with the difficult task of finding adequate storage space to prevent any unsightly pileups. There are many ways in which an individual can go about decluttering their home and creating an effective form of organization.

Invest in a Storage Unit

It may be difficult to store large items such as furniture and paintings in one’s home. Given that these take up a substantial amount of space, individuals may find that renting or purchasing a storage unit is in their best interest. The use of public storage units Petaluma may be the ideal solution for those that want to hold on to things that they do not regularly use. Many storage facilities allow individuals to either purchase a storage unit outright or rent on a monthly or yearly basis.

Build Shelving

Shelving may be advantageous for those that are simply looking to store small, everyday items. A home’s storage closet maybe a tiny or awkwardly shaped space that if left untouched will not be very useful. Installing shelving can allow individuals to fully utilize the space by allowing them to store upwards. Rather than needing to pile items up on the floor, shelving can provide better organization and sightlines; the need to spend time sifting through piles can be eliminated.

Donate Items

Items that are no longer being used and are in good condition may be eligible for donation. Shelters, outreach programs, and non-profit organizations are constantly looking for charitable donations that can be passed on to those in need. An added incentive to doing so may be the potential for a tax deduction.

Decluttering one’s home can be an easy process when considering the many ways to do so.

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