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If you have got a zit that will not stop, dab eyeshadow primer on high of it to create a velvety surface after which apply your regular basis on prime of it. The primer is a long-lasting different to concealer, which may look flaky and rub off on an inflamed zit. We know, the flirty look is not as straightforward as bloggers and YouTubers make it look! Use a bit of scotch tape to get that winged liner on lock. Sweat and oil can cause makeup to slip off, so stash blotting papers in your prom-night clutch for touch-ups.

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People with stunning souls are clever and these sensible souls are one such thing to marvel at. These deep quotes by authors will surely win your hearts. “When a wonderful soul harmonizes with a wonderful kind, and the 2 are cast in one mould, that would be the fairest of sights to him who has the attention to contemplate the vision.” “Beautiful issues should belong to beautiful souls.”

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