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Cremation ashes jewellery to keep the ashes of a lost person

Grief is a terribly painful experience that unfortunately affects everyone. No one can escape the pain of seeing a loved one lose their life one day. After having such an overwhelming experience, life changes completely, and you may feel lost. Some people wish to be cremated at their death and have their ashes stored either in a jar or in an object of emotional value. There are many ways to keep the ashes of your loved ones close to you. You can do this by giving yourself a cremation ashes jewellery. They are also called cinerary jewelry and are available in various forms, for example this silver ashes pendant model. Saying goodbye to someone you loved is far from an easy step in life, but here is how you can keep the memories shared with these people by your side forever.

Usefulness of ashes jewelry in the grieving process

This is a type of jewelry that has been around for many centuries. Indeed, it is not a product that has become trendy today. However, nowadays, you have a wide range of cremation jewelry from pendants to bracelets, and many others. In addition, you can choose between several materials for the manufacture of jewelry (silver, gold, bronze, carbon fiber, diamond). As a reminder, you can use the ashes of your loved one to let a designer make a piece of jewelry. It is a noble and unforgettable way to keep the memory of this person alive.

How is ashes jewelry made?

These jewels are made by professional jewelers. A small urn is inserted in which the ashes of the deceased can be placed. The urn is then sealed in the jewelry so that the ashes can never be accidentally spilled. You can choose any type of jewelry to hold the cremation ashes (ring, bracelet, bracelet, necklace, etc.). Also, you can give your jewelry the shape of the urn for a more sober and unique design. Jewelry containing the ashes of the deceased has become so elegant and subtle that it is becoming more and more fashionable. No one will need to know that your jewelry is made in honor of a particular person. This way, you can grieve in a more touching way and pay tribute to your loved one. You will have a cherished object that will remind you of their reassuring presence in your life. Simply approach a jeweler for advice on the material, size, design and shape of your jewelry.

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