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The blog also contains posts that doc the travel experiences of founders Kate and Sara. Damn Deliciousis a clear and simple food weblog with a diverse assortment of recipes for all seasons. The site additionally covers travel-related matters, like things to do in Hong Kong and what to eat in South Korea. Look beyond the acquainted and problem your self to explore bold new worlds!

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In Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, and Papua, deer meat could be found, often wildly acquired by searching. Batak delicacies of North Sumatra is also conversant in cooking canine meat, while its consumption is diminishing in Central Java. Exotic and rare sport meat corresponding to crocodile, squirrel, civet, and monkey might also be offered and consumed in wilder components of Indonesia. Rendang daging, a beef, mutton or goat meat dish, that has been marinated with various completely different spices for several hours, and slow-cooked with coconut milk. Most Indonesians do not apply strict vegetarianism and should devour vegetables or vegetarian dishes for their taste, preference, financial and well being causes. Nevertheless, there are small numbers of Indonesian Buddhists that follow vegetarianism for religious causes.

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We’d wish to be that friend of yours that all the time appears to know the right place to go, the best time to visit, and the proper thing to order. About -These are the local businesses and organizations that help deliver Edible to life. They share in our same values of native, sustainable food sources and group. About – We are a passionate group of people simply seeking to share our experiences of finding nice dishes around Arizona. I am a Thai-American from Pittsburgh who’s now married with two children in Bangkok. The weblog is for anyone who has ever wished to eat or study extra about consuming, at any of the food stalls lining the streets in Thailand.

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