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How 11-11-11 Single’s Day Revolutionized Online Dating

Because many dating websites exist, you don’t have to feel like every day is Singles Day. Once you have created your profile, the algorithms find the best matches for you. So, make your pick and wear something beautiful from online stores like Shein. Furthermore, you can check the reviews of the stores’ services on review sites such as Shein and Uk direct shop reviews.

Moreover, you might even pick up on some good fashion advice and discounts that could help you save a penny or two. Overall, your dress and the right attitude are guaranteed to make your online date a success. Therefore, this blog explores how 11-11-11 singles day revolutionized online dating.

Singles day: Origin story

Singles day was initially known as bachelor’s day, and in China, it was an unofficial holiday celebrating unmarried and single people. After years, people modernized it, and the title had to change to gender-neutral. The label had a number sequence added that symbolized single people are coming together to form a union and add to the family tree. Thus, the numbers were 11-11-11.

Singles day: Online dating

However, as you can imagine, many people were embarrassed to be outed on holiday because it would mean that no one wanted to be with them. So, many single people started rushing to the online dating scene, hoping to escape the holiday and be in a relationship. In contrast, others just organized a date for the day, so other people did not badger them about it. Either way, Singles Day changed the face of online dating for good. But with success comes many dangers, so the online dating revolution bears many pros and cons for online daters.

Pros VS Cons

An online dating site’s most significant positive impact is finding your life’s love. You get to walk into a bar or restaurant and have someone waiting for you, unlike you going out and chatting with potential interests. Furthermore, this is a boost in your confidence and an overall improvement of your self-esteem. But the success rate of an online dating site is very slim because many deranged people frequent these sites and look for victims rather than set up a profile with pure intentions.

So, the cons list only exists because predators have discovered that online dating sites have the least amount of security. People’s profiles need extensive information for the software to get the best matches. In addition, the scrutiny of every user is very minimal as well. For example, how these predators manage to get onto dating sites in the first place should be of concern. Yet, many women are victimized and a part of many crimes, from white collar to challenging criminal activities.


It is evident that, like many things, there are pros and cons to consider when wanting to date online. But the only reason the cons seem like they outweigh the pros is that many desperate people are on dating sites. Ironically, this was why online dating became revolutionized in the first place. The fast pace world of the 21st century has people scurrying around from educational institutions into jobs and careers that prevent them from finding the love of their lives. So naturally, a person would find help to achieve the ultimate goal in life, having a family. But unfortunately, this convenience could come at a high cost.

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