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How Well Do Borrowers Understand Lån or Consumer Loans?

We don’t borrow funds from various lending companies just because we want to so let’s say that financial stability is the greatest reason why we are sending out applications. This means that if borrowing is not urgent, we have to plan when we are going to make a request and who we will be relying on. But before you start planning, you have to assess yourself first because this won’t be your only obligation in the future since you have other expenditures as well.

Now, if you are confident that you are capable of borrowing and repaying, then that can be a sign that you may proceed with your plan. I supposed you already have projects in mind, such as getting a new car, buying a house, starting a business, and traveling to name a few. Well, you can always accomplish them in no time as long as you have sufficient funds and if you need extra money for such projects, there will always be a lender who can help you with your finances.

Just make sure that you are eligible for a loan application and that your chances of approval are high – read lån at for more ideas to increase your approval rating. When we know that our chances are high, we won’t be disappointed about accomplishing the projects which we have been dreaming of. I guess we will even work harder due to the cost that we have to pay back every month so before we push through this plan, let’s get to know more about various types of loans.

What are consumer loans?

These refer to debts that every individual, group, or company may request from various creditors. The duration to pay back the loaned amount may vary depending on the type of debt you applied for. You will have to pay a lower or higher interest rate as well as other costs just like the closing fee for example.

You may apply for secured loans if you need a large sum because this will require you to present collateral which could be your house, land, or properties with the value. Here, you can usually borrow an amount that is of the same value as your property which means that the higher it is, the more you can borrow. But make sure to pay back on time because that will affect your credit score and failure to repay can lead to the seizure of the property.

For unsecured types where the collateral is not necessary, you can only borrow a small sum and the duration is usually shorter. However, expect that the interest rate is higher because it is unsecured which means that the lenders are more at risk. The credentials asked could be minimal and lax as well so it is easier for the loaned amount to be granted.

Personal Loans

This one is very popular among borrowers because most financial institutions are offering this to consumers and can be used for various purposes. For greater chances of personal loan approval, a debtor must have a good credit score, be employed, or have a stable source of income. Indeed some creditors grant requests sent by individuals with bad credit scores but the interest rates applied are very high.

You have several options anyway so you can look for the most favorable interest rate and comfortable fees. For example, you may apply for a payday loan which you may pay back on your next salary so the term to repay will only be about 14 days. The funds for these are usually disbursed on the same day so it is an ideal type for emergencies.

Student Loans

If you would like to study and finish a degree in a university but your parents can’t afford to send you to school, then look for private or government financial institutions offering student loans. You can repay them after studying or when you started earning, depending on the policy of the lenders. This is a good option for students who would like to reach their dreams of having a successful career.

The government may issue a subsidized one where your financial needs as a student will be provided. The good thing is that the interest will not accrue while you’re studying unlike when it’s unsubsidized. If it is unsubsidized, you may use the money for any expenses.

Line of Credit

This is a well-known type of debt for credit card holders but it is revolving which only means that the holder may borrow as long as he will repay. Let’s say that you run out of cash and want to buy stuff so you swipe your card for the payment. You borrowed that from the credit card company and must be paid on its due date so that you can swipe all you want again.

If possible you have to avoid late payments because of the penalty and that can hurt your credit scores. Just make sure that you can repay on or before the due date to avoid getting into trouble because the interest rate is quite expensive. Even cash advances are allowed with your accounts but this is not always the best option if you want a more affordable fee.

Car Loan and Mortgage

These are both secured because your vehicle and your house will be your collateral. This is popular because many of us need transportation and of course, it is a must to have shelter for our family. What’s good with these two is that they are also forms of investments or assets that we can later sell when needed.

The repayment duration may last from 5 to 10 years or more because these are large sums so make sure to pay back every month and do not stop paying, after all, the lending company will seize your car or house. Pretty sure that you won’t like that to happen because these are valuable and the value of houses may even go up in time. Be a responsible borrower since this is a project that you dreamt about and planned for a long time so don’t put your effort to waste.

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