of Inn at Lathones

History of the Inn at Lathones

The Inn at Lathones has a long standing place in the history and hospitality of Fife over many centuries and it is this heritage and mythology that makes The Inn such a unique location for visitors.

The history of the Inn indeed goes back over 400 years. The Stables, being the oldest part, is today our bar where The Grey Lady (resident friendly ghost) and her horse reside.

The front house was built in the late 17th century and is watched over by a wedding stone placed above the fire place as its lintel. The couple married in the local Kirk in 1718 and were blessed by the Minister in front of the fire before the festivities started. Iona Kirk and Ewan Lindsay ran the Inn ( then a Drovers Inn) from that day on until Iona’s death in 1736. It’s said that the two were so in love that when Iona died the wedding stone cracked and Ewan died shortly afterwards of unknown causes. I have often wondered since this story was told to me if the Grey Lady is in fact Iona putting her horse away?

The area between St Andrews and Lundin Links was plagued by a highwayman known as “Wee Mad MacGregor” a colourful character who was under five foot and was disfigured on the one side of his body, making his face droop and he drooled from the corner of his mouth, who reputedly drank and ate at the Inn following his “outings”

In more recent times the Inn had its own golf course for the Miners of the area. Coal was mined from the area behind the Inn and across towards the village of Largoward. This went on for over 100 years and only stopped in the late 1920’s when due to flooding in the mines it became unviable to carry on.

In recent years the Inn has gone through major changes with a retired Sea Captain owning it from the 50’s to the 70’s and then an American couple who developed the Inn to its current size in the 80’s.

They then sold at the height of the property boom to a couple who called in the receivers after just one year. The Inn was then brought out of retirement by Mr James Bell in the early 1990’s who refurbished the insides and developed the business until his retirement in June 1997 due to ill health.