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Insurance Solution for Stable Household Financial Conditions

Insurance Solution for Stable Household Financial Conditions. For women, having a career or not.

They need to have insurance because there are certain risks that occur to women.

Protection is needed.

Especially health insurance because anatomically a woman’s body is different from a man who can make a woman’s body more susceptible to chronic pain.

Such as pregnancy, childbirth, risk of cervical cancer, breast cancer, and hormonal problems.


Insurance Solution for Stable Household Financial Conditions

So, insurance is also useful for maintaining financial stability in the event of an accident that causes someone no longer able to earn a living or lose their livelihood due to disability or death.Sequis Executive Vice President Agency Helen Yosefa, CFP of the Rising Star Mega Agency.

Said it was very important for women to have health insurance because health insurance meant maintaining family finances.

Because when they had to be hospitalized.

“In addition to having health insurance, so that Indonesian women have critical illness insurance.

Critical illness insurance is ideal for individuals who have a higher likelihood of suffering from critical illness and can identify risks and costs associated with the disease,” he explained.

Choosing Insurance: Know the Needs and Adjust with Revenue

Health insurance and critical illness will always correlate with hospital costs because the costs will tend to continue to increase.

The types of diseases of modern society are also increasingly diverse while our ability to maintain health is limited by age and environmental conditions.

Health insurance and critical illness insurance are mandatory that must be owned by all individuals.

Especially for those who are vulnerable to critical illness.

Basic health insurance policies may not be sufficient benefits.

Helen suggested adding critical illness insurance that provides reimbursement for the risk of developing the critical illness.

“It’s very good if we have life, health, and critical illness insurance.

However, if income is limited and must meet other needs as well, then we can choose which priority to have first.

One way to choose it can be done by looking at the risks we might face, “said Helen.

Helen said, every woman either working or becoming a housewife both have health risks.

Every woman must prioritize health insurance and critical illness before having other insurance products.

This is to anticipate economic loss or loss of income if one day in the future you must get medical treatment.

As well as anticipate the risk of critical illness that is prone to occur in women.Such as breast cancer and diseases related to the cervix (uterus).

For women who work even though the office or company where they work cover the health costs of their employees.

The coverage must have limits so that when there is a risk of critical illness it may not be sufficient.

We need to add personal health insurance

If you already have health insurance and critical illness, then you can consider having other insurance, such as life insurance as an effort to protect income.

“Sequis provides a number of health insurances, one of which, Sequis Q Infinite MedCare Rider (SQIMC). This product provides VIP and VVIP health protection worldwide up to Rp90 billion per year.

This product also provides benefits for critical illness and death benefit benefits that are “paid in a lump sum (lump sum) and if the Insured is diagnosed with cancer or heart attack it will be paid immediately,” said Helen

Children become the most important thing for a mother.
So that the mother will do everything possible to make her child happy.

Including preparing for a better future for children by using insurance and managing the right finances.The types of insurance that need to be prepared before having children are education and health insurance.

Where both insurances are long-term because it requires large funds.

According to Fourrita Indah as Regional Head of Development Agency Sequis.

Education costs also tend to increase and increase at least 10 percent each year.

So that preparing education funds can be done in various ways.

One of them is education insurance that can be done since the child is one month old.

Usually, at that time, the age of parents is still quite young and productive so it is estimated that they are still able to pay premiums over a long period of time.

The importance of insurance for the future of children

It is recommended to use dual education insurance. This type of insurance can be used to meet complex education costs.

Such as school fees, courses, buy books, uniforms, school equipment, transportation, and much more.

In addition, you also need to think about health insurance to guarantee costs if at any time he is sick.

Thus the family budget and children’s education can still be guaranteed if parents are not working or experiencing severe illness.

This health insurance can be used for pain care costs.

Whereas UP from critical illness insurance can be used as a substitute for income for the family during a sick parent.