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If you want to make the move internally, get involved in cross-functional tasks. FP&A is all the time on the lookout for folks within the completely different functions to design new models and so on. If you are that “key” particular person, the useful contact, then they’ll start using you for bigger and bigger tasks till you’ve a strong network in Corporate Finance.

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It seems to be very very quantitative, with physics/engineering/math majors coming into this. Data consolidation is the art of taking financial information from loads of totally different sources and consolidating it in a single place. This means eliminating all the double counting in your statements and intercompany stuff made between divisions. The issue you’ll face is that in distinction to Investment Banking, Corporate Finance is type of “disorganized” for MBA interns. That means you’ll should construct relationships with individuals in the business, perceive where are their major issues and then try to design an interesting internship for you and for the corporate. Yes working for a corporation in their finance division would help.

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