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Makeup Trend 2020

Makeup Trend 2020 . Korea as the center of makeup trends has announced that skin cream will be the makeup trend of 2020.

So, what is the trend that will be predicted as a 2020 makeup trend?

In terms of makeup and skincare, this trend tends to give a more creamy look with a natural finish.

Even predicted, this skin cream trend will get its stage up to the United States.

Charlotte Cho, a beauty expert, writer, and South Korean-American businessman, was quoted as saying by Stylecaster.com explaining cream skin products.

Charlotte said, “The 2020 makeup trend is a combination of toner and moisturizer, with a milky look.

The content still contains water, but it is quite moisturizing. “

“The super-matte look is not for everyone, but the natural look is for everyone.

“The matte appearance will make us look older because the matte is easier to crack and the lines will be seen more clearly,” Archangela said.
Makeup artists subscribed to by these artists also continued, “Instead of being covered up it looks more real.”

So, in addition to the appearance of flawless, glowing, and skin creams that will become the 2020 makeup trend, natural still survive.

Chelsea said, “Natural is still the keyword for next year’s trend. This natural trend is not just for every day, but also wedding. ”

Makeup Trend 2020

Two Complexity Options

Next year’s trend will make it easier for brands to sell their products.

Chelsea found a lot of super-light products, but on the one hand, this woman from Surabaya found a product that was super-full coverage.

Although both are still natural, said Chelsea, the complex is natural but with two kinds of choices.

“There is a supernatural one using water-based makeup and the second one is full coverage but not dry,” explained Chelsea.

The reason is, with the presence of too many choices, according to Chelsea the public can choose according to their needs and desired final results.

The reason is, the final appearance that is much different makes you unable to choose in the middle.

In addition, for the 2020 makeup trend, we also need to prepare with velvet lipstick and bushy eyebrows for details.

The reason, said Archangela Chelsea, makeup is not possible to only focus on some parts of the face, especially for the 2020 makeup trend later.

If this year is bold in the eyes, it will be paired with nude lipstick, then next year will no longer be.

Chelsea said, “Next year’s directions, this makeup trend is more balanced. The application is even. ”

Well, here are the trends of five makeup according to Archangela Chelsea’s predictions and professional makeup artist views.

Pay attention and remember, if you don’t want your appearance to look out of date.


The color will be bolder but the texture that will trend is velvet matte — not too matte but not too glossy.

This trend can also be called creamy because it is more comfortable on the lips, can be used daily, not dry, but still durable.

Blush On

Blush is one of the highlights of the beauty trend next year. A fresher look with pink blush comes back.

Blush on pink can not be denied will give you a fresher, brighter, so suitable effect for use every day.


Next year, there will be many uses of the smokey eye trend, but still using natural colors.

The color is bolder but not red or black. The colors that will be trending are purple, dark purple, brown, or gray.

So that when the effect is applied it still becomes smokey eyes.

Eye liner

Eyeliner is not too sharp and thinner. The season is the use of eyeliner for next year.

But for Indonesians, with reasons to make their eyes look bigger, firm eyeliner will remain a trend of all time.



Next year’s eyebrow trend is bushy brows.

Eyebrows are not shaved anymore, eyebrow lines and fur are very visible so it is more natural.

If based on the shape, bolder eyebrows remain a trend.

But basically, eyebrows still need to be adjusted to the shape of the face.

Are you ready to appear more creamy next year?