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Organic Speciality Coffee – All the Facts you Need to Know!

Coffee is more than a drink – it’s religion. People who drink it, know that they won’t accept just any taste from it. They love a good rich taste in the morning and an equally perfect one during the day.

Coffee has many benefits, both social and health. It’s a drink that keeps people together and is a perfect excuse for two to get together and have a chat over it. At the same time, it is an excellent diuretic that will wake you up fast and keep you concentrated during the day.

For some people, the best part is that it isn’t going to make you gain weight. It has no calories and you can drink as much as you want.

Having a perfect cup means knowing how to prepare one. Most people in the modern world use instant bags already prepared that only require water. However, the art of preparing the perfect cup is much more than this. From brewing to boiling – reaching the perfect taste is a matter of skill and experience.

Of course, skills and experience come next to a perfect product coming from the plants around the world where these coffee beans grow. All tied together makes the perfection we’re talking about.

What is speciality coffee?

There are lots of types and brands in the world, and only the best ones are considered a speciality coffee. But, how to know what is organic speciality coffee, and who makes this decision? You should know that all speciality coffees are an amazing product, but not all amazing coffees are called a speciality.

To be called this way, the beans need to undergo special tests and be tried by professionals whose jobs are to test them. If they announce one to be of top quality, then this brand can put on a stamp of excellence. However, not all years are equally hot, humid, and the plant won’t grow the same product at all times, so some of them may lose the badge after some time.

Organic Speciality Coffee - All the Facts you Need to Know!

Where can it be found?

This plant grows all around the planet, but only in certain specific locations. You can’t find it in cold areas or the Deep South parts. It is native to South America, but you can’t find it in Argentina, for example. Instead, you can find it in Brazil, Colombia, but also in Central America and countries like Mexico, Nicaragua, and others.

Other locations where amazing products can be found are some of the well-known African countries producing it, like Ethiopia, Kenya, and others. Also, Asian countries like India are known for producing large quantities. As you can see, they are all located around the equator, where the climate is hot and has a lot of sunny days. This is what this plant loves the most.

How to know which one is the best?

There are mainly two types of coffee – Arabica and Robusta. They grow under different circumstances and rarely do you find both types in the same place. None of them is better than the other. It’s a matter of personal choice about which one the consumers love more.

Both types can be a speciality. To reach this status, manufacturers need to undergo serious tests. When they pass these tests, the experts claim them a badge. When you buy the product, you’ll be able to see of which quality they are.

In general, every product that achieved 80 points of perfection is considered a speciality coffee. If it is over 80, the quality is said to be very good. If it’s over 85, it is excellent, while achieving a score over 90, means that this product is outstanding.

Knowing these things will help you find what you’re looking for. Some people are only used to drink top quality. Not every product will have top quality so you need to know what you’re looking for. Make sure you read the package before buying or asking the seller about the quality.

How to find the best stores?

There are lots of online and physical stores that sell quality speciality coffee. You need to go through tons of reviews and blogs to locate the best sellers. Of course, it’s best to go down to Guatemala and buy directly from the plantation, but that’s almost never possible.

Finding stores that will provide the best product is a matter of research. Go through the reviews and see what people think is amazing. Search only for the type you want. If you want over 85 points Robusta, coming from Kenya, then that’s what you should be looking for.

Should I buy online or in physical stores?

This is completely your choice. You don’t have to be thinking that one is better than the other. The way you feel more comfortable should be your choice. If you feel like you don’t like going to physical stores, be sure that online stores will provide the same service, and sometimes even better.

If you love having a chat with the seller, who’s most often a coffee expert, then you should go to a physical store. The pandemic is almost over, and most of us are already vaccinated, so feel free to visit them and see what they have new.

How to improve the taste?

There are lots of ways to improve the taste of your morning cup of pleasure. What is crucial, though, is to know which type of coffee you prefer, and learn how this one is prepared best. You need to have a professional machine for producing the perfect drink.

Some people add other products to make the drink tastier. However, what might be enjoyable for one, won’t be so amazing for someone else. See some ideas about how to improve the taste here.


With everything written above, you now know what speciality coffee is, and you know how to find it. Go through the vast internet database of information, and find the ultimate type and brand for you.