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For instance nasi lemak, the nationwide dish of Malaysia, and likewise nasi ulam are thought-about native dishes in Riau and Jambi. Malay cuisine also shares many similarities with neighboring Minangkabau cuisine of West Sumatra, South Sumatra, and likewise Aceh; corresponding to sharing gulai, asam pedas, pindang, kari, lemang and rendang. This is because of the truth that the Minangkabau are culturally closely related to the Malays. Tempoyak fermented durian sauce and sambal belacan are the acquainted condiments in both Sumatra and Malay Peninsula. Variants of peranakan cuisine corresponding to laksa spicy noodle and otak-otak are additionally can be present in Riau Islands and Medan. Seafood dishes are popular in archipelagic Riau Islands province, while fresh water fishes from Sumatran rivers, such as patin, catfish, carp and gourami are popular in Riau and Jambi.

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