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The Art Of Crafting The Perfect Wedding Invitation

If you’re planning to tie the knot, you’ll undoubtedly want to delight and impress all of your family and friends with perfect boho wedding invitations that are beautifully designed and crafted.

It’s always a pleasure to receive a gorgeous, luxurious paper wedding invite that features elegant calligraphy and a knockout design. As its purpose is to entice the recipient to attend the momentous occasion, it’s essential that you create a positive first impression with carefully worded invitations that help to set the tone of your special day.

Modern Day Wedding Etiquette

While you can certainly follow the traditional, formal and strict wedding etiquette rules for your stationery suite, it’s also important to infuse invitations with your unique style and personality, and to evoke sentiments and emotions. Modern day wedding etiquette provides a practical guideline that makes it easier for couples to curate and craft perfect wedding invites.

Your boho wedding invitations give guests their first glimpse of your wedding style, and provide all of the ceremony and reception information that is needed so that they can join you on your big day. Your words of choice therefore need to be clear and absolutely perfect.

Consider The Season

The time of year that you’re getting wed can provide a great deal of creative inspiration, when you’re exploring the art of crafting the perfect wedding invites. Spring and summer weddings can be a riot of colour that is soft, pastel or muted, or bold and bright. Deep, rich and traditional festive colours work best for weddings that take place during the autumn and winter seasons.

The season of your wedding may also inspire you to feature an array of appealing botanical motifs, borders, garlands and other floral arrangements on your elegant boho style wedding invites.

Choose Your Wedding Colour Theme

Every wedding showcases a palette of colours that beautifully unites all the key elements of the special day. Favourite hues are typically used to embellish wedding invitation design, and will also filter through into bridal attire, the mix ‘n’ match bridesmaids dresses, the venue décor, and the wedding cake and flowers.

When choosing the perfect wedding invitations, look for custom colour options. This will allow you to effortlessly match your wedding colour theme and favourite invitation card design.

If you’re keen to craft a stylish and timeless wedding invite that’s understated, like white, cream or ivory premium quality paper with black ink, you can easily incorporate your wedding palette by featuring a vibrant pop of colour as the liner to your envelopes.

Set The Tone

An official invitation is the first contact between a special event, like your wedding day, and your VIP guests. This is precisely why it’s crucial to use your boho wedding invitations to set the tone, and to build interest and excitement for the big day.

• Formal Weddings

If your dream fairytale wedding is a formal affair, your traditional style invitation suite will typically feature a wedding invite, a reception card, a RSVP card, and matching envelopes. Your wedding theme will provide plenty of inspiration for the invitation card design and style. Ideally, it will also reflect your shared interests as a couple.

If the bride’s family is paying for the wedding, it’s traditional for the invites to be issued by the bride’s parents. The wording should therefore include… “Mr and Mrs John Doe request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jane.”

The groom’s parents can also be listed on a formal invitation, after the name of the groom.

For joint hosting, wedding etiquette suggests that all parent’s names are listed together at the top of the invitation.

If your nuptials ceremony is to be held at a non-religious, secular venue, it’s proper to correct the “honour of your presence” request line so that it reads: ”request the pleasure of your company”.

• Casual Weddings

If your heart is set of getting married without the fuss of formalities, beautiful handcrafted boho wedding invitations will elegantly reflect your unique laidback style and casual event preference.

While you’ll have more freedom to express your creativity, when choosing the perfect invites for your wedding, you’ll still need to ensure that you include all of the vital information. Instead of including a separate reception card, it’s acceptable to add all relevant reception details directly to the wedding invite, provided that the content is minimalistic.

To make your boho wedding invitations really stand out, craft a stunning design that incorporates a number of eye-catching elements. Pick a bold motif, striking borders, fancy fonts, fabulous foil detailing, and/or metallic inks that complement your casual wedding theme and style.

There are no hard and fast rules for wording a casual wedding invite that isn’t strictly following wedding etiquette formalities. The wording can be traditional and formal, modern and direct, creatively expressive or wonderfully poetic. If you’re stuck for ideas, explore your shared interests, or feature your favourite song lyrics, famous quotes, or meaningful words.

Keep It Simple

Wedding invitations can easily become overcrowded with information. Featuring too many words spoils the aesthetic impact of the enticing wedding invite design that you chose to wow your guests with.

It’s essential to keep it simple, and to pare down the prose so that only the most important information is delivered on your gorgeous boho wedding invitations.

To craft the perfect wedding invitations, follow the etiquette rules and eliminate things that serve no real purpose. Additional information about the venue, location, accommodation and dress code can be supplied on separate cards.

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