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With all this information, the app can then give you an entire window into all of your clothes , driving a advice engine that may plan what you’ll wear for the workweek or vacation forward. And the platform will also allow you to manage your clothes care, repairs, donations and reselling. Fashion4Freedom is smashing the old exploit-the-worker factory manufacturing model by giving artisans of conventional Vietnamese crafts their own tools and then connecting those creators to sustainable brands—so they become the entrepreneurs. Malaysia’s Earth Heir makes entrepreneurs out of Malaysian craftsmen/women, working as an intermediary that creates fair access to markets. Egypt’s Okhtein (a bag maker worn by Beyoncé) works with Egyptian NGOs to empower women artisans that face economic hardship.

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Depression is widespread in old age, however growing older itself doesn’t cause melancholy. Here are some signs to look for and tips on talking about mental health. The overproduction and overconsumption of fashion, fueled by low-cost world markets and materials, and which actually kicked up within the 70s and went haywire in the 2000s, we think, is actually only a blip in history.

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I couldn’t think about continuing to live in the state I was in for the remainder of my life. We wished to be so hopeful about it, but with our expertise of being hopeful after which being let down prior to now with other protocols, we knew it would be silly to put all of faith into it. I was and nonetheless am very involved within the continual Lyme illness neighborhood on-line, significantly on Facebook. Through that group and through word of mouth I was connected to an individual who lived near me who was now in Lyme remission and was doing great! She had gone to a neighborhood wellness center that treated Lyme with a special natural protocol and had great success. So, I went there, did their testing and started their remedy.

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