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Tips to maintain the pool perfectly in summer

Having a swimming pool both for your use and commercial needs is very important to pay attention to its maintenance because one of the seasonal jobs swimming pool owners does is to prepare it to welcome the dry season.

The hot weather causes swimming activities to be an alternative for children and adults alike. However, there are times when you need to be a little more careful before getting into the pool. Of course, this can be seen again from how the current condition of the swimming pool you have.

For this reason, it is essential to have regular maintenance so that the swimming pool is ready to be used whenever you want.

Not everyone realizes that changes in the weather that occurs have an impact on the condition of the swimming pool. Overcoming this problem requires meticulous planning. Therefore, consider the following reviews:

1. Preparing for Needs

Before the dry season arrives, preparing all the necessary equipment is essential. To create a swimming pool that is comfortable and safe for swimming, you need to carry out regular maintenance. You can clean and maintain it with some yokando.com swimming pool care tools. The equipment is carried out to complete the initial treatment in swimming pool services. If you need swimming pool equipment and tools at affordable prices, you can contact the link in this article.

2. Perform Initial Shock Treatment

The impact of a swimming pool being exposed to rain for a long time can create a habitat for bacteria and algae. These conditions can affect indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools. So do not be surprised if many swimming pools are mossy after going through the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season.

One of the steps taken is to neutralize the pool water from bacteria and their allies using shock treatment mixed with chlorine. Giving chlorine can help in eradicating harmful organisms in the pool.

3. Testing the pH of the Pool Water

The next step after the shock treatment is to test and balance the pH of the pool water. Done with a simple method, take one glass of pool water as a sample away from the inlet. After that, measure the pH of the pool water using a pH meter, observe the results and then compare them with the standard pH.

4. Starting the Filter and Pump System

Before doing the filter and water pump, first, do a vacuum. Pay attention to whether the dirt in the swimming pool is thick enough; use a vacuum exhaust if the land is vast. However, it is enough to use an ordinary vacuum if the ground is standard. You can add a vacuum head brush for more effective results so that dirt is sucked up to the maximum.

Before turning the pump and filter, take measurements first at the pool water level. If the volume is insufficient, it can make a new water supply, but it can turn on the pump and filter if the water is sufficient. After turning it on for some time, wait until the water is clear.

Those are some things that are important to consider when doing swimming pool maintenance. Because the condition of the swimming pool in the summer has a different way of care. So paying attention to equipment and preparation before treatment is very important.


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