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Virtual Healthcare: a new trend in the world during a pandemic

Technology has touched every aspect of life, including in the medical field. Countless how many millions of lives were saved thanks to technological advances in the field of medicine. When the world is at hand, a modern medical practice can also be felt through the touch of a finger. One of the technologies in the medical world that you can benefit from today is the advantage of Virtual Health services, namely health services provided by paramedics remotely or online doctors.

Through the WELLReceived Virtual Healthcare site, you can consult with doctors or other paramedics, then paramedics can diagnose, recommend drugs, and provide treatment advice for patients via video calls or video conferences. With Virtual Health services, you can get health services at your fingertips as easily as shopping online or ordering a taxi.

Virtual Health Services was originally created to help provide healthcare access to patients in remote and remote locations. Now, with the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the world, as well as advances in technology and increasingly advanced virtual communications, virtual health services have become a new trend since 2020.

Worldwide 15 percent of doctors are now switching to virtual appointments – since the second quarter of 2020. And it is estimated that 41 percent of doctors are already planning to provide this additional service in 2021.

Now, with the obligation to maintain social distance, virtual health services have become a medical practice that provides many benefits. Without having to leave the house, a doctor can use virtual health services to diagnose and cure sick patients. In addition to maintaining social distancing, here are some of the benefits of virtual health services that you can get, including:

More accurate chronic disease monitoring

Doctors usually monitor the condition of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer only when the patient visits. Even though these visits have been scheduled, they are usually only during certain periods such as once a week or once a month.

With Virtual Health services, doctors can monitor the progress of chronic disease patients every day. Monitoring the patient’s condition does not need to be face-to-face, but patients can send their data to a mutually agreed Virtual Health service site. More intensive monitoring every day is expected to provide more effective treatment and disease control compared to once a week or only once a month.

Reducing the accumulation of patient queues in hospitals/health clinics

Queues of people seeking treatment at clinics or hospitals have become a common sight so far. Some are already seriously ill, many are only mildly ill. All gathered at one point to meet the paramedics. Virtual Health Services can reduce the build-up of patient queues. With Virtual Health services, doctors can immediately select which patients need to be taken to the hospital and who just need to stay at home.

Prevent patient stress

Waiting in line for a doctor at the hospital can take a long time and can be tedious. Especially if the doctor is already famous, many patients want to see him. Normal people can be stressed while waiting in line, especially those who are sick. With the online doctor application, doctors and patients can schedule treatment more precisely. Moreover, if there has been a previous selection, of course, the queue at the place of treatment can be reduced and the patient’s condition is not depressed due to stress.

Science and technology were created to make it easier for humans, to ease work, to heal the sick.

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