What Can You Do When Acne Won’t Disappear?

Acne that won’t go away can be infuriating. Have you run out of options to treat your acne? If so, we have some tips to help you better manage your breakouts.

1. Give your normal acne treatment a month to do its thing.

It will take some time for any acne product to take effect. Constantly switching your acne treatments every few days could make it worse. If after 4-6 weeks the treatment is not working, speak with a dermatologist to see what other options you have.

2. Add a second acne product to your treatment if you don’t see results from one product.

There are many causes of acne: bacteria, clogged pores, oil, and inflammation. When you add another product with a different purpose, you are essentially attacking your acne problem from multiple angles.

3. Wash your face twice a day and always after sweating.

Twice a day is best. Any more you risk irritating your skin. For best results, we recommend washing your face when you wake up, go to bed, and have a sweaty face.

4. Don’t scrub your face. 

When washing your face make sure not to scrub vigorously. Once again, you don’t want to irritate the acne.

5. Don’t touch or itch your acne.

It can be tempting to itch your acne or pop a pimple, but that actually makes it worse.

6. Call a professional dermatologist.

If your acne problem persists, be sure to reach out to a dermatologist Elite Facial to see what other options you may have.

Don’t give up the fight! You can and will accomplish the feat of having an acne-free face.

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