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What is Speed ​​Dating?

Speed ​​dating is a new concept of a personal meeting for social networks and meeting new people, and it is perfect for finding a partner. Participating people are looking for your age range, university profile, and professional or executive level.

Better than a blind date

The goal of Speed ​​Dates is to make efficient use of the short time available today, and to achieve that, in one night, you can have up to 20 blind dates but with the opportunity to choose who you are interested in and who you are not.

It is a great way to do private networking in an EFFECTIVE, healthy and safe manner.

Finding a partner only leads to brief encounters, and the traditional option of going out with friends and meeting new people in bars or places where it isn’t easy to have a conversation is not safe or efficient. Luckily, there are singles parties sydney, a fantastic gathering concept in Australia.

Safe Dating

Interact with new people with interesting profiles. People are identified voluntarily, so you feel at ease and can talk in an intimate and exclusive place.

Lovely Night

Share with recommended people, which is very likely why you know singles parties now. Single parties guarantee that no dates are the same. Single parties offer in-house alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.

Singles parties plan

You’ll have 10 to 20 dates for less than what you’d spend on one outing with just one person and someone with whom there may be no chemistry at the end of the night.

How does speed dating work?

In this singles parties Perth, also known as speed dating, there will be around 10-15 single men and 10-15 single women. Each participant will have a card and a photo of the check showing their number and first name.

At the beginning of the event, the women will sit at each table, numbered according to the photo check number. In the same way, gentlemen will sit at the table corresponding to their photo check number.

The couple should chat for 5-10 minutes when the bell rings. This way, you will find out if there are similarities, especially affinities.

When the bell rings again, participants must write on the card whether there is affinity or not and then the gentlemen must move to the following table with increasing numbers.

Women will remain seated throughout the event. Will repeat this process until all the men have spoken to every woman at the event.

At the end of the event, a card is sent with a selection of people with whom you have affinity and if by any chance (you tagged someone and that person tagged you too), contact information will be sent to them in 24-48 hours so they can get to know each other and hopefully fall in love.

How are the dynamics?

  • Upon arrival at the event, you will be welcomed by our hosts, who will welcome you with a unique cocktail from home and will give you the necessary instructions to enjoy the evening.
  • Then they will give you a Match Sheet, which you will use to write down how much chemistry there is on each date.
  • The activity starts after you finish registering all participants
  • During the event, the women remained seated while the men turned the tables in numerical order.
  • Each appointment lasts 5 minutes, and the sound of a bell will signal the start and end.
  • It’s essential to judge how you feel after every game.

Alternative to typical singles parties

  • Where do you stay all night waiting for the person who catches your eye to come
  • Where do you live without making unique connections because you don’t find the right time to get closer?
  • Where you can’t find a subtle way to get away from someone with whom there’s no chemistry
  • Social Network with people you are interested in, in Perth, Sydney and other cities in Australia.

Speed ​​Dating is a Social Network for a modern and demanding society. It works the same as when you attend a club, party or gathering, where a good host introduces you to some people you would be interested in meeting.

How Does Speed ​​Dating Work?

It’s straightforward and fun. The idea is that you will meet a different person every few minutes, that is, you will have a new date. At the end of each meeting, you will quietly show interest in the people you wish to see again. The next day, you will receive an email with the steps to take to contact the people you are interested in sharing with.

There is no pressure to give or ask for data, no resistance because you judge each promise with discretion, no shame because we are all in the same activity, and no game if you connect it because of common interest.

How to take part?

1. Choose your event

Choose which cities you want to participate in and events in which you will feel more comfortable.


Fill in the Registration Form with your essential data and secure your reservation by selecting the payment method.


We will communicate by phone or chat to confirm your details, answer your questions and continue the process.


Have a great night full of exciting encounters with other single professionals like you!

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